The X Factor: Elon Musk Latest Twitter Logo Update



  • Elon Musk changed Twitter’s bird logo to a new ‘X‘ logo
  • Now Twitter’s bird become ‘X
  • A decade-old Twitter Logo updated to ‘X
  • Musk plans to make a big interactive platform


For decades, Twitter has been the most widely used microblogging platform. Recently, tech mogul Elon Musk changed the Twitter logo, and now the new logo is ‘X‘. This recent Twitter logo update surprisingly shocked everyone. The X Factor: Elon Musk Latest Twitter Logo Update!

Previously, Twitter was free for everyone, but after the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk in October 2022, Elon Musk made it a premium platform such as adding blue tick features for premium users. 

On July, 23, Elon Musk changed the Twitter bird logo to his favourite iconic logo “X”. After launching the new logo, Musk changed his Twitter profile picture to the new logo. And tweet, “ now points to“.

 This is a big change in the social media industry. It’s like Musk trying to make Twitter more personalized and interactive.

How do people react to this?

Many people feel sad as they grow up seeing Twitter bird logos. Martin Grasser, who designed the previous Twitter bird logo, posted on Twitter about saying goodbye to the old Twitter logo.

He said the logo was designed by a team of three, Todd Waterbury, Martin Grasser, and Angy Che, in 2012.

One of the user reactions,

Twitter Logo Update
Twitter Logo Update


Twitter Logo Update
Twitter Logo Update

What’s the story behind X?

The new Twitter logo update represents Musk’s ambitious dream of creating an online banking company. According to him, he has a plan to create a big financial system that provides users with a seamless way to interact through audio, video, messaging, and payment.

Twitter’s Logo Changed Again!

After rebranding the new Twitter logo, Elon Musk changed the logo again. He changed the logo to a new one with thick lines. But after its launch Musk tweeted to revert the changes, as he did not like the thicker bars.

Twitter Logo Update

Recently, Elon Musk revealed that the monthly number of users on Twitter reached 541 million, which is very high compared to the year 2022.

What is in the future?

According to Linda Yaccarino (Twitter CEO), Twitter’s main objective is to provide an interactive platform that is a hub for the global marketplace, such as services, ideas, goods, and opportunities, or you can say an all-in-one app.

In short, Twitter is planning something bigger – a more seamless way to deliver every service. On July 28, Musk tweeted to announce making X is a great platform to earn as a creator.

Wrapping up

In just a span of a few months, From job layoffs to appointing new staff and a CEO, Elon Musk upgraded Twitter in every possible way. Overall, we can say that these fluctuating changes in the Twitter logo update show Elon Musk’s ambition to create a company that provides a seamless interactive experience. It’s not finalized, as maybe we’ll see many changes in the Twitter logo design in the future. 


Ans. Behind this major change is Elon Musk’s intention to transform this simple tweet-posting app into an all-in-one app that offers seamless services.

Q2. Will Twitter still be called Twitter?

Ans. Yes, for now, Twitter will still be called Twitter. After the logo update, many people pronounce Twitter as X.

Ans. Last week, Twitter’s logo was updated as the new X logo. When you visit Twitter’s website or app, you will now see an X instead of the bird logo.

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