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Write For Us – Technology, Graphics Designing, Marketing, Business, Fashion

So you have a writing itch and want to pen down your thoughts, but are feeling a bit confused about which platform to choose to publish your work. 

Yeah, we understand that feeling.

The Internet is a kind of scary thing if you don’t know the right platform to trust. Whether you are a blogger or just want to step up in the writing industry, the first step is to show that you are a trusted contributor. 

That’s why,  from website visitors to content managers, everyone looks for writers who can showcase their writing skills through their published work.

We value your skills, and that’s why we are providing you the opportunity to work with us to publish your content on our website.

Who are we?

It all starts with one design, and now, we spread our wings to learn new things and implement them to become leaders. BsyBee Design is the designing and advertising industry with a proven track record of delivering high-quality services such as graphic design,  UI/ UX design,  advertising, and marketing.  

In addition to these services,  we maintain a blog where we publish blog posts and articles to share our experiences with our target audience.  For over a year,  we published numerous blog posts covering design trends,  inspiration,  technology,  marketing, advertising, and business. 

With the interference of artificial intelligence tools, it’s become easy for everyone to find any information. However, much of this information lacks stories,  facts,  statistics, and most importantly, real-life experiences. That’s what sets us apart as a trusted source of information. 

Our team conducts comprehensive research before writing any blog post. From spending hours researching information to incorporating the correct SEO strategy, we take care of every step of writing a compelling blog post. 

For more details,  you can explore our websites, bsybeedesign.com or if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to mail us at info@bsybeedesign.com.

Now that you’re familiar with us, let’s discuss the categories of blog posts we accept.

Write For Us-Technology

Technology is booming, and as per the report published by Genpact, companies that leverage the power of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), are expected to experience more business growth than those that haven’t adopted these technologies yet. Our technology category covers blogs on the latest technology and any tech updates. So, if you’re a kinda techy person and have a keen interest in contributing your knowledge, let’s connect

Write For Us-Marketing

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE. “ by Gary Vaynerchuk

Marketing is a delicate art that can either construct or break your brand’s values. If you’re passionate about marketing or have completed several marketing projects,  this is a great opportunity to share your experience, so let’s connect.

Write For Us-Graphics Design

Our core niche is graphic design. When you visit our website, you’ll be amazed to see different blog posts dedicated to graphic design. We cover almost everything, from the latest design trends to the best tools. If you think you have great experience creating stunning designs and want to share them with the world, let’s connect.

Write For Us-Business

From startups to multi-billion-dollar businesses, approximately 334 million business companies worldwide. Whether it’s a new business trend or tips, if you’re knowledgeable about any business niche, you can contribute your knowledge on our platform. We accept high-quality articles for our business space;  let’s connect.

Instructions to publish guest posts on our websites

No no, it’s not a puzzle or a mathematical problem that needs a formula to solve. These are just general instructions to ensure your article or blog post aligns with our website’s standards.

Original content 

Nobody enjoys copied or rewritten content. Copied content won’t help you to rank at the top position. Therefore, we only accept original, plagiarism-free content. 

Human-written, not AI

While machines can’t evoke emotions like humans can, humans can! Today, with AI tools readily available, readers expect more from blogs than just generic information. They crave real-life experiences, fresh insights, and well-researched facts. That’s why we expect you to create your content yourself, not rely on machines.

Well-researched information 

Outdated and vague information can impact a website’s authority and ranking. Tell me, would you continue reading an article that has outdated information? Probably not. We spend day and night researching the latest information to update each piece of content on our website, and we expect the same from you. 

Appropriate length

We accept articles or blog posts with a minimum word count of 1,000.

Fluff free

We only accept articles that are concise and free of unnecessary words or phrases. Please ensure your content is engaging and eminently understandable.

Comply with Google policies

Google prioritizes content that adheres to E-E-A-T guidelines. 

E: Experience

E: Expertise

A: Authoritativeness

T: Trustworthiness

While E-E-A-T is not a fixed ranking factor, it can indirectly affect ranking. For more information,  you can check Google’s guidelines

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keywords are like fuel for the content; they drive content in front of the target audience if incorporated in the right manner. Sometimes publishers incorporate keywords too much, which further affects the readability of the article. 

No-spam policy

Spam content is any content that contains irrelevant, low-quality, or duplicated content information. Sometimes, publishers post duplicate content to trick search engine algorithms. Such content serves no value to the audience and is created solely to generate traffic. We have strict guidelines against this type of content and only accept content with a spam score of less than 10%.

High-quality content not only improves your authority as a creator but also helps you market yourself organically. We love our readers and serve them as a genuine source of information. If you write for us, we expect the same quality from you. Violating any of the guidelines will lead to the rejection of the article.