Top 7 Inspiring Illustration Trends in 2021

Illustration Trends 2021
Illustration Trends 2021

Illustration Trends in 2021

Illustrations involve drawing or creating something in the shapes of diagrams, texture, and even cartoons to substantiate the explanation of a particular issue. Examples assist in instigating people’s minds by injecting knowledge into them in a fun-filled and exciting way. Illustrations are an excellent alternative to the boredom of reading texts.

In other words, Illustrations are the most interesting discovery of the modern generation to eclipse the usage of texts. People need popular stuff, do trendy things, and wear modern stuff. Illustrations have also been a victim of this as, over time, they have started being trendy. Chic illustrations symbolize uniqueness, defining features, and a sense of appeal to the masses. They gained immense importance since the times of the pandemic especially.

Things have been on a roller coaster ride since 2020. The pandemic, especially surrounded by the world’s daily happenings, impacted the living world structure. Newer illustrations have come to the forefront, and they continued their way into 2021.

Let us find out the illustration trends of 2021.

Medical Illustrations

Medical illustrations are the front runners due to the current circumstances. Over the past year, it gained overflowing importance due to the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Various newspapers and magazines focused on describing the pandemic with various artistic illustrations—the 3D image of the coronavirus figures in the top among them.

Illustrations Trends 2021
Illustrations Trends | Image Credit: NeoLeo, Corona Borealis Studio,

Futuristic Flat Illustrations

It is a new revelation in the field of illustrations. Futuristic models are in a flat description in this scenario which attracts the eyes of individuals. The concepts get a fresher shade of thought, and new ideas get the base to develop.

Illustration Trends 2021
Illustration Trends | Image Credit:, Nadia Snopek, Galacticus

3D Illustrations

3D illustrations are perhaps the most exciting illustration. It brings a concept to life in front of your eyes. You see the diagram moving and making gestures. The outline of a 3D character is its most appealing aspect. Similarly, People of all age groups, especially children, are fond of these illustrations.

Illustration Trends 2021
Illustration Trends | Image Credit: Roman3dArt, Olesia_g

Minimal Outline

An illustration of a character or an object in a thin outline creates a very aesthetic appeal, and it is soothing to one’s eyes. Thin outline illustrations act as a magnet in attracting people’s mindsets and gifting them a clearer understanding.

Illustration Trends 2021
Illustration Trends | Image Credit: StonePictures, Shrly Jsmn

Grain and Texture

Grain and Texture go a long way to add to the aesthetic appeal of an illustration. Also, they make an illustration look more beautiful and appealing. One enjoys having a close look at the developing textures on the screen.

Illustration Trends 2021
Illustration Trends |  Image Credit: liquid_ink, busy_doing_nothing

Quirky Characters

These illustrations enthuse people with life. Such characters bring joy to the explanation by making it funny as they make funny gestures to get people to laugh and enjoy.

Illustration Trends 2021
Illustration Trends | Image Credit: Anna Tarankova, Bibadash, Helen Stebakov, StudioLondon

Bold Shapes and Colors

Bold shapes and colors play an essential role in giving that glitter to one’s eyes. One eye gets explained with the help of fantastic shapes and attractive colors. It instills a zeal among people and keeps them glued to the illustration.

Illustration Trends 2021
Illustration Trends | Image Credit: Daria Kubrak, Danjazzia, Yulianas

Illustrations played a massive role in this pandemic era. Overall, we cannot forget the contribution of nature-inspired illustrations and motion cartoon illustrations. Above all the seven illustrations that were the day’s talk, these illustrations also made a mark for themselves. Hence, their importance in 2021 is undeniable.

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