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A good design is a combination of imagination and technical skill. Igniting the imagination and transforming it into something amazing is all about playing with inspiration. It stimulates creativity and boosts the flow of fresh ideas. To create good design, you need inspiration, but where do you get it? Don’t worry about it!

Here you will find information related to form, shapes, background, textures, patterns, motifs, objects, nature, etc. This will further help you to create good designs that no one can ignore.

How to Draw Onam Pookalam Designs

How to Draw Onam Pookalam Designs

Onam, the vibrant harvest festival of Kerala, India, is a visual feast for the senses.  One of the most captivating aspects of Onam is the creation of intricate floral carpets called Pookalams. These breathtaking...
A Visual Guide to Monday Blessing Images

A Visual Guide to Monday Blessings Images

When you hear about MONDAY, it could signify the end of your vacation or the start of a new beginning.  Coffee consumption in the office peaks on Mondays…coincidence? Many companies always schedule their weekly meetings...
Background Design Trends for 2024 | BsyBee Design

Unveiling the Background Design Trends for 2024

The year 2024: a new canvas, a fresh splash of color! As the world continues to evolve, so does the realm of visual communication. Backgrounds, the often-overlooked heroes of design, are stepping into the spotlight,...

Ram Mandir: Understanding the Architectural Essence and Elements

As a graphic designer, approaching Ram Mandir designs demands a deep understanding of both religious symbolism and aesthetic principles. It's about marrying traditional elements with contemporary design sensibilities to create a space that evokes...
New Year Drawings

Sketching the Future: New Year Drawings 2024

What will the next year hold? What wonders will it unveil? What challenges will it present? The best way to grapple with these unknowns is to grab your trusty pencil and let your imagination run...
Y2K Design | BsyBeeDesign

Y2K Design Magic: Capturing the Millennium Spirit

Imagine a time when the world was on the brink of a new millennium, and the air was filled with both excitement and uncertainty. It was an era when pop culture, technology, and design...
Retro Line art | BsyBeeDesign

Timeless Retro Line Art Vintage Beauty Rediscovered

Can art truly be timeless? What if art could transport you through time? What if a single image could evoke the essence of an entire era, making you feel like you've stepped into a time...

10 Abstract Shapes Reshaping Visual Design in 2023

Are Abstract Shapes the Key to unlocking Infinite design possibilities? Well, It won't be wrong to say they have long been a cornerstone of artistic expression and design creativity. But what makes abstract shapes so alluring,...
Shapes and Lines

Design Functionality of Shapes and Lines

Different ways to use Shapes and Lines in design Design is a construction of anything done thoughtfully and more than often aesthetically. Visually speaking, design is a beautiful cocktail of shapes and lines that can...
Background Trends 2021

Trends of Background in 2021

Importance of Backgrounds in Making Designs When you decide about your project, one of the earliest decisions is regarding the background it will carry. You have to decide what color it will have or what...