Top 13 Famous Graphic Designers

Top 13 Famous Graphic Designers

Whether it’s a thumbnail or flyer design, graphic designers are always in demand. Approximately 56% of marketers noticed that visuals have a great impact on customers. Visuals are the most effective way to represent your business, aren’t they?

No matter how big or small your business, no matter whether you’re selling a pencil or a luxury car, the fastest way to connect with your audience is by using visuals.

This proves how important visuals are, And that’s the reason you can’t just ignore the potential in this industry.

Don’t worry! We researched famous graphic designers for you. You can explore them and take inspiration from them to become like them.

13 Famous Graphic Designers

Let’s explore some of the top graphic designers and what makes them unique and famous.

#1 Mike Perry

His Brooklyn-based studio is known for his creative work. From simple to complex designs, he mastered every art of designing. He also won Emmy awards in the field of graphic design and is mainly recognized for his illustrative and animated work.

#2 Jessica Walsh

With her highly creative designs, Jessica Walsh is among the top graphic designers. She opened his studio, which resides in New York. Her fearless, surreal illustrative skills are recognized worldwide. Apart from this, her cutting-edge designs reflect her expertise in this industry.

#3 Jon Contino

Another New York City-based graphic designer. His sense of design exactly reflects what the client wants. His studio is named Contino Studios, which is evident for its brilliant designs and street art visuals.

With his influential complex design skills, Jon Contino is recognized for his traditional and historical design sense. His designs are a blend of digital and handmade shapes.

#4 Saul Bass

Saul Bass is an influential famous graphic designer of the 20th century. Have you heard about movies such as ‘The Man With The Golden Arm’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘North By Northwest’? He designed all the posters for these movies. His designs were mostly minimal and simple style-based. 

He was mainly recognized for his poster designs and logo designs. Some of the famous logo designs were by AT&T and Kleenex.

#5 Paul Rand

From graphic designer to art director, Paul Rand is a creative genius. He worked for many popular brands, such as IBM, Morningstar, UPS, Enron, and ABC. His creativity helps many brands emerge.

He was recognized as the early adopter of the Swiss style of design. Apart from this, he also developed typefaces like Helvetica. His European modern art improves the beauty of American commercial art.

#6 Massimo Vigneli

Originally known as an architect, Massimo Vigneli’s designs are mainly structural and artistic-based. He graduated from the famous Politecnico Di Milano school. Vignelli worked for many famous companies, such as IBM, Bloomingdale, the City of New York, and American Airlines.

He was recognized for his geometrically shaped design creations. When you sharply explore his design work, you will find that every work involves the use of lines and other geometrical shapes.

#7 Alan Fletcher

From typographical graphic design trends to poster designs, Alan Fletcher was the most popular graphic designer. He worked for many reputable design studios, such as Pentagram, and his graphic design agency. 

He is mainly recognized for designing logos for the Victoria and Albert Museum, Reuters, and the Institute of Directors. He also published a book named “Beware of Wet Paint.”

#8 Ivan Chermayeff

When it comes to the most iconic work, Ivan is known as the best graphic designer for his work. He worked for many top organizations, including National Geographic, NBC, and Pan Am.

He is known for his abstract logo designs, which he created. His logos are mostly wordless, only representing the theme and brand perspective. That’s the reason his creativity left marks on many brands.

#9 Rob Janoff

He designed, or, you can say, he created, a lifeline. Rob Janoff was the man behind the famous Apple logo. From fruit to fame, his designed logo captured many hearts when introduced worldwide. 

Janoff was hired with the task of creating a logo that looks simple and minimalistic in design. He came up with a fun-loving design, which we called Apple today. This one design makes him so famous that we think this guide is incomplete without mentioning him. 

#10 Lindon Leader

We think you have already heard about FedEx, the famous transport and logistics company. Lindon is the person who represents this company in the form of a logo. The logo adds a universal and corporate touch to the company. 

He created this logo with a hidden arrow in the white area between ‘E’ and ‘X’. After 30 years, the FedEx logo still seems fresh and unique. He won many awards and accolades for his creative work. After graduating from university, he worked under the famous logo designer, Saul Bass.

#11 Otl Aicher

Have you seen stick figures drawn on traffic instruction manuals or in public spaces? Otl Aicher was the first person to create these figure pictograms. It was during the Munich Olympics in 1972 that Aicher first incorporated this kind of figure drawing from the airport into traffic signs.

Otl created many different designs, such as book covers, typography, and furniture. He was also recognized for designing logos for famous brands such as Braun, Lufthansa, and many others.

#12 Stefan Sagmeister

At the age of just 15 years old, he started his design career. Stefan Sagmeister is a famous graphic designer, typographer, and storyteller. He started his design studio in 1993, called Sagmeister Inc., where he created designs for many music brands.

He is recognized for designing covers for albums such as The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Talking Heads, Pat Metheny, and many others. In 2011, Stefan and Jessica Walsh partnered and started a company together named Sagmeister & Walsh Inc., where he showcased his design pieces and artwork.

#13 Chip Kidd

Every graphic designer has some specificity. For Example. Some have expertise in designing logos, while others have book cover design specialists. One such book cover designer is Chip Kidd, who has worked for many big authors and publishers like Penguin, University Press, Amazon, HarperCollins, and many others. He also created designs for artists, writers like Charles Shultz, Haruki Murakami, Frank Miller and Cormac McCarthy, and many others.


Whether you’re designing a logo or poster, without creativity, you can’t be successful as a graphic designer. With these top 13 famous graphic designers, you can explore and learn about their work and design patterns. After reading this article, I’m sure, it will enhance your design knowledge and help you become an influential graphic designer one day.

FAQs About Famous Graphic Designers

Q1. Who is the World’s most famous graphic designer?

Ans. The most famous graphic designers are:

  • Mike Perry
  • Jessica Walsh
  • Jon Contino
  • Saul Bass
  • Paul Rand
  • Massimo Vigneli
  • Alan Fletcher
  • Ivan Chermayeff
  • Rob Janoff
  • Otl Aicher
  • Stefan Sagmeister
  • Michael Bierut
  • Chip Kidd

Q2. Who is the richest Graphic Designer?

Ans. Let’s explore some of the richest graphic designers:

  • Christian Audigier
  • Tom Ford
  • Tamara Mellon
  • Paul Smith
  • George Condo

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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