UI Design Trends 2021: Modern designs that have an appeal

UI Design Trends 2021

The world runs on software and technology in the 21st century. So, it is essential to make sure that the software looks presentable. You can understand whether the software looks good based on the design it carries. UI design trends play an important role in the success of the website or application.

Do you know what a UI is and what it is for? – The User Interface is a procedure that the designers follow to build interfaces in software and computerized devices. It makes a website or an application look appealing. It helps keep the audience glued to the app because of the creativity it displays. The main point of focus is to ensure the way they look and the design they carry. The designers aim to create a user-friendly interface that facilitates the users to use and understand the concerned website’s intricacies. Such interfaces feature mainly in the various websites and apps made for mobile phones.

UI Design Trends have made a mark for themselves at the start of 2021:


GlassMorphism is the newest trend of 2021. This trend replicates the presence of smooth glass. Focusing on the “through the glass” effect, this design has an appealing factor in it. The background gets a blurred impression to ensure that the interface has a transparent glassy look. You will find its instances in windows vista and iOS 7 as well.

UI Design Trends 2021
UI Design Trends 2021

Dark Mode

Dark mode has a lot of attention in recent times. It has a sense of appeal attached to it. It facilitates the designs to bloom and makes sure that the eyes are not under much strain. The background is completely black, with the core elements having a colored design of their own. With many apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp having the dark mode as an alternative to the normal mode, the users cannot avert the appeal for using this layout.

UI Design Trends 2021
UI Design Trends 2021

3D Graphics

3D graphics are among the most appealing layouts in the software world. They ensure a better understanding with the help of their creativity on the screen. Objects and characters resemble life on the screen with the help of 3D projections. It ensures that the viewer not only learns something but also enjoys learning it thoroughly. Thus, it keeps the people glued to the designs created on the screen.

UI Design Trends 2021
UI Design Trends 2021 | Image Credit: Vectiry_Nt

Animated Illustration

Animated designs are very commonly used by UI designers these days. Animations help in captivating a person’s emotions and make very complex and hard concepts seem easy. Such UI designs are a major source of attraction and represent your brand perfectly. Animated characters hop around your screen, which appeals to the masses’ eyes and transmits information effectively.

UI Design Trends 2021
UI Design Trends 2021 | Source: Aalpha

Achromatic UI

Achromatic or Colorless UI is one of the simplest yet appealing User interfaces at this point. With many colorful illustrations in the market, the thin lines and the black and white look of the texts and the visual representations add to the viewers’ aesthetic appeal. Colorless UI is simple in its finest creation, making sure that it figures among the top UI trends of 2021.

UI Design Trends 2021
UI Design Trends 2021 | Image Credit: Nickelfox

Bauhaus Style

This is a new trend that features a combination of art and crafts. They move on your screen, with a touch of modernism attached to it. They exhibit minimal ornamentation and lay a greater focus on balanced forms and abstract or idealistic shapes. Such styles feature various artwork and crafts to increase the interface’s attractiveness and keep viewers glued to it.

UI Design Trends 2021
UI Design Trends 2021 | Image Credit: Dribble

Big and Bold Typography

Nowadays, designs are completely into the usage of typography. This design comes with the letters being big and bold, making it more readable for the people. People prefer such UI designs because of how the information is reaching them and how easily they can imbibe the information by reading them easily. Thus, we can understand how big and bold letters have made a place among the hottest trends by facilitating increased readability of the users.

UI Design Trends 2021
UI Design Trends 2021 | Image Credit: Dribble

Colors on a White Background

Colors play a vital role in highlighting your content and brand style. You need to make sure that the UI elements and surfaces are different from each other. White surface facilitates this cause. Having a white surface gives the colors a chance to blossom, and thus, the effect of colors enhances. This UI design has a sense of appeal that a designer cannot avert.

UI Design Trends 2021
UI Design Trends 2021 | Image Credit: 99designs

With the different types of UI designs mentioned above, you can very well understand how each one of them has a special effect of its own. You can use such designs according to your preferences and make your app or website have that look of appeal.

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