Addressing Duplicate Content Issues: How to Remove and Improve Search Visibility

Addressing Duplicate Content Issues

If content is present on more than one source on the web, it is considered duplicated.  Plagiarism issues generate a range of risks and consequences for website holders and webmasters. From low search engine rankings to compromised traffic, penalties from search engines, copyright strikes, and legal issues, plagiarism can be quite detrimental. Therefore, you should be very careful regarding duplication in your content and put in adequate efforts to address and remove it. In this article, you will explore how to remove plagiarism risks and improve search visibility. So, let’s begin addressing duplicate content issues. 

How to Remove Risks Associated with Duplicate Content

Choose Unique Titles

If you want to remove the risks involved due to duplicate content, you must begin addressing the issue from scratch. Too familiar titles can lead you to write ordinary content, which, when published, seems duplicated. Therefore, don’t speed up the title selection step and run for any title that seems appealing. 

Instead, take your time and wisely select a distinct title. Play with creativity and include numerals, power words, and action-orienting words that catch the audience’s attention.    Moreover, presenting yourself apart from similar results is another benefit of writing unique titles, which ultimately helps increase search visibility.

Craft Unconventional Outlines

Just like writing on typical topics is a leading cause of plagiarism, crafting conventional outlines results in duplicate content. Hence, whether your content topic is unique or common, you should write different outlines from already published sources. 

Brainstorm ideas and consider different perspectives on how the given title could be explained. Identify key points and use them as subheadings. Moreover, always ensure to choose unique vocabulary for your content outlines. This step will greatly reduce the chances of committing plagiarism.

Follow Your Personal Writing Style

Well, from all the suggested ways, sticking to your writing style is the most practical defense against duplication. When you stay dedicated to your own style of writing, there is the slightest chance of using sources’ words and falling for plagiarism. Therefore, instead of replicating others’ way of writing or the content delivery style you are inspired by, display your inner writer voice. 

Make use of your personal vocabulary, and don’t try to include fancy words or flowery language. Otherwise, you’ll end up making your writing complex and compromising its readability. Delivering content in your own writing style and in an easily readable way ensures improved search visibility. 

Instill a Variety of Words 

Building your vocabulary offers a range of benefits for your writing and practical life as well. If you want to ensure distinct writing free of plagiarism, you should work on expanding your vocabulary. By infusing your content with a unique set of words, you can successfully avoid the risk of plagiarism and ultimately increase your site’s search visibility. Choosing a variety of words and avoiding the use of common words and phrases lets you represent your content uniquely. This helps you stand out among the crowd on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

Duplicate Content Issues

First Detect

The most important approach towards resolving duplicate content issues is its correct identification. If you aren’t aware of the disease, how can you diagnose and treat it? Similarly, if you stay unaware of plagiarized content, how can you remove it and strive for search visibility? Therefore, you should closely monitor your content and thoroughly check plagiarism online. 

This helps you identify which sentences need to be modified and made unique. Following all the practices mentioned above, one can evade duplication. But what if someone tells you the entire process can be done in a single click and with utmost precision? Yeah, you read that right; the whole process of duplicate content removal can be addressed in a single step. 

Then Address

Using an online paraphrasing tool, you can quickly evade plagiarized sentences and reduce the risk of low search visibility. Paraphrases are designed using cutting AI technology to comprehend the written text and the underlying meaning, which processes the information to deliver a unique yet contextually identical version. As a result, plagiarism is eradicated from duplicate sentences, and you can assume an improved SERP ranking. 


The website holders aspire to improve the search visibility of your content pages. They implement different tricks and strategies to be highly visible on SERPs. However, a minor thing that can make a huge difference in ruining and preserving their efforts is content duplication. This alone can let them win the search engine rankings game or entirely lose at it. Therefore, they should reduce the chances in advance or effectively address it as if detected. The article has explained both scenarios descriptively. For instance, they can leverage a paraphrase tool to rule out duplication from plagiarised sentences and make their content unique.

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