Why need a Driver’s License for the Internet in the Future?

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Using the internet seems easy for everyone; even children can use the internet widely. But it has several hidden consequences, such as scams, phishing, and malware attacks.

Suppose, You will put 10 website links in front of your screen and ask about the genuine one. Would you be able to recognize a genuine one?

Obviously, No!

The Internet is like a spider trap; you can’t be sure about any link, like which one is genuine or which one is fake. That’s the reason the idea of an Internet driver’s license is in debate.


Don’t stand up! It’s just a start; let’s dig deeper to get detailed information about Internet Driver Licenses.

Who proposed the Concept of an Internet Driver’s License?

Vinton Cerf, who is also recognized as the “Father of the Internet,” proposed the concept of an Internet driver’s license. In one interview with NDTV, he shared their opinion on the blind usage of the internet and also suggested some ways to use the internet safely.

What is an Internet Driver’s License?

In just a couple of seconds, you can create a mobile app using artificial intelligence (AI). The Internet offers so much valuable technology to your doorstep. But all this comes with many consequences, such as illegitimate link sharing, etc. The Internet is a hazardous place if you don’t know what links or websites are genuine to trust or which ones are fake.

Just like a driver’s license proves a person’s efficiency in driving a car, the Internet’s Driver’s License proves a person’s loyalty to using the Internet wisely. 

To get an Internet Driver’s License, a person needs to learn about the basics of the Internet, especially their safety protocols. Apart from this, they must know how to protect themselves from any scams or phishing sites.

Why is an Internet Driver’s License Necessary?

Vint Cerf invented the concept of the Internet Driver’s License to inform people about the safest way to use the Internet. Let’s check out the reason behind the internet license.

  • Have you ever received an email that seems suspicious? Many people use emails to send links; they look genuine but have a huge risk of harming your system or even hacking your system or smartphone. To make the Internet a safe place, an Internet driver’s license is a crucial component.
  • It helps users identify the red-flagged sites and prevent them from clicking on them.
  • Proper understanding of internet driver’s licenses helps users learn about the hazardous sides of the internet and also teaches users to use the internet most safely. 
  • Do you have a driver’s license? Then, you definitely know, there is training and learning of rules before issuing a driver’s license. Like a driver’s license, an internet driver’s license helps users learn about the rules for using the internet correctly. 
  • Many times, it’s very hard to verify a site’s or user’s identity online; that’s where an internet driver’s license plays a crucial role. This type of license helps users verify other users’ identities online and also helps track the user’s ID.

Currently, this license is still in the queue and has not been issued anywhere. Several objections stumbled along the way to issuing this license such as privacy concerns, the implementation process, and its effectiveness.

How does an Internet Driver’s License Work?

Internet licenses are only under debate, but many countries consider their positive sides. Many still have doubts about how it will work in the real world.

When Vint Cerf suggested this idea, he also highlighted a few ways about their working and implementation.

He told NDTV that this type of license will train users to verify the user’s identity, track easily, and teach them how to report any scam account or users.

Suppose you recently got an email from a top creator asking to purchase some gift cards. What will you do? It may be a genuine person, or maybe it’s a scammer. To identify the person’s credibility, you need to verify their identity. But how do you do that? Because you’re just a user, not a programmer or hacker. Incorporating an Internet Driver’s License is to teach users about some basic techniques to verify users.

Let’s End This…

Overall, with the advent of new technology at every step, it’s very crucial to know the right approach to leverage the internet. An Internet driver’s license is the right way to learn how to use the Internet safely.

We hope this article will match your requirements perfectly. Stay tuned to upgrade your knowledge.

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