10 Easy Pixel Art Ideas for Beginners

10 Easy Pixel Art Ideas for Beginners

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We return with yet another topic to nurture your creativity. Welcome to the enchanting world of pixel art! This unique art form, built from tiny squares of color, holds a nostalgic charm and endless creative possibilities.

Pixel Art Ideas
Image Source: Dribbble by Metin Seven

Pixel art has a timeless appeal, reminiscent of classic video games and digital artistry of the past. While it may seem daunting at first, creating pixel art can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially for beginners. Whether you’re an aspiring game developer, digital artist, or simply looking for a new creative outlet, pixel art offers a unique blend of simplicity and complexity that makes it both accessible and challenging. In this article, we’ll explore ten easy pixel art ideas for beginners, along with tips on how to create eye-catching pixel art and where to find inspiration.

How to Create Eye-Catching Pixel Art Ideas?

Creating eye-catching pixel art involves a combination of creativity, attention to detail, and practice. Here are some tips to help you bring your pixel art to life:

  • Start with Simple Shapes: Begin by sketching out your design using basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles. This will help you establish the overall composition and proportions of your artwork before delving into finer details.

Bonus Tip: Pixel art doesn’t have to be perfect. Embrace the inherent limitations of the medium and allow for some imperfections in your artwork. 

  • Limit Your Color Palette: This is the most defining characteristic part. Choose a handful of colors that complement each other and stick to them throughout your artwork. Too much of colors create an imbalance in your artwork.
  • Use Grids and Guidelines: Utilize gridlines and guidelines to maintain consistency and symmetry in your pixel art.
  • Pay Attention to Contrast: Contrast plays a crucial role in making your pixel art stand out. Try out different shades and hues to create depth, highlights, and shadows within your artwork.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to add texture and details to your pixel art to make it more visually interesting. 

Things to Remember

  • Don’t hesitate to seek feedback from fellow artists and pixel art enthusiasts. Join online communities, forums, and social media groups dedicated to pixel art to learn from others and improve your skills.
  • Like any form of art, mastering pixel art takes time and practice. Set aside dedicated time each day to work on your pixel art skills and challenge yourself to try new techniques and ideas.
  • Above all, have fun and let your creativity shine through in your pixel art. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with unconventional ideas and styles.

Now that we know how to craft pixellated art, let’s jump right into the ideation part:

Here are 10 Specific Ideas to Ignite Your Pixel Art Journey

Adorable Animals

Start with your favorite furry (or feathery!) friend. Break down their form into simple shapes like circles and ovals for the body, squares for the legs, and triangles for the ears. Focus on capturing their essence with expressive eyes and a cute pose. Experiment with different animals like playful cats, majestic birds, or even wiggly worms!

Adorable Animals
Image Source: Mega Voxels

Retro Video Game Characters

Pay homage to your favorite retro games by recreating iconic characters. From the instantly recognizable red cap of Mario to the chomping mouth of Pac-Man, these characters are already broken down into a pixelated format, making them perfect for beginners. Research the original sprite design and use a limited color palette to stay true to the nostalgic charm.

Retro Video Game Characters

Delicious Food and Drinks

Pixelate your favorite snacks or beverages. Create a steaming cup of coffee with a pixelated heart of steam rising from it, a slice of pizza with perfectly melted cheese dripping down the sides, or a refreshing glass of lemonade with a single ice cube bobbing inside. It’s a fun way to add a touch of whimsy to your pixel art and experiment with color combinations.

Delicious Food and Drinks
Image Source: Vecteezy, Dribbble

Simple Homes and Buildings

Design a charming pixel cottage with a thatched roof and a smoking chimney. Build a bustling pixel city scene with towering skyscrapers and bustling streets. Or, create a mysterious pixel castle with dark towers and hidden pathways. You can even try creating pixel art interiors, focusing on furniture like cozy armchairs and everyday objects like pixelated bookshelves.

Simple Homes and Buildings

Nature Scenes

Capture the beauty of nature in a pixelated world. Create pixel art mountains with a snowy peak, a vibrant pixel forest teeming with pixelated trees, or a vast pixel ocean with crashing waves. 

Nature Scenes
Image Source: Craiyon

Color palettes evoke different moods. For instance, Use a cool blue palette for a calming ocean scene or a fiery orange and red palette for a dramatic sunset.

Pixel Portraits

Turn pixel art on yourself! Create a pixel representation of your face, focusing on basic shapes for the head, eyes, nose, and mouth. Experiment with different hairstyles, glasses, or facial expressions to add personality.  This is a great way to practice facial features and shading techniques with a limited number of pixels.

Pixel Portraits
Image Source: Maxwell Step

Pixel Items

Design everyday items, tools, or objects you find interesting. From pixel art books with colorful spines and musical instruments like pixelated guitars to pixel art bicycles with spokes and cameras with a single lens, the possibilities are vast!  Think about objects you use daily or find visually appealing.

Pixel Items

Seasonal Delights

Celebrate the changing seasons with pixel art! Create pixel art pumpkins with spooky jack-o-lantern faces for Halloween, pixel art snowflakes in different shapes and sizes for winter, or pixel art flowers in a variety of colors for spring. This is a great way to create themed pixel art for different times of the year.

Seasonal Delights
Image Source: DeviantArt

Abstract Patterns

Pixel art can be more than just recognizable objects!  Create abstract patterns using geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and circles. Experiment with different colors and arrangements to create visually interesting patterns. You can even try replicating traditional patterns like polka dots or stripes in a pixelated format.

Abstract Patterns

Pixel Text

Incorporate pixel art text into your creations. Pixelate your name, a motivational quote, or a funny saying. Experiment with different fonts and text effects like outlines or drop shadows to make your text stand out. This can be a fun way to personalize your pixel art or create short messages.

Pixel Text
Image Source: Design Shack

Where Can You Find Inspiration for Pixel Art Ideas?

Finding inspiration for pixel art ideas can come from a variety of sources mentioned below:

Pixel Art Ideas
Image Source: Dribbble by DegensBet
  • Classic Video Games: Draw inspiration from classic video games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon. Study the pixel art techniques used in these games and incorporate them into your artwork.
  • Nature and Landscapes: Take a walk outdoors and observe the beauty of nature and landscapes. Use elements such as trees, flowers, mountains, and oceans as inspiration for your pixel art creations.
  • Pop Culture and Media: Draw inspiration from pop culture icons, movies, TV shows, and comic books. Create pixel art versions of your favorite characters, scenes, and moments from popular media.
  • Everyday Objects: Look for inspiration in everyday objects and items found in your surroundings. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a bicycle, or a pet, find creative ways to translate these objects into pixel art.
  • Abstract Art: Experiment with abstract shapes, patterns, and colors to create unique and visually striking pixel art. Your imagination itself plays a key role here.
  • Personal Experiences and Memories: Create pixel art pieces that reflect meaningful moments in your life or evoke a sense of nostalgia.
  • Artwork by Other Artists: Study the work of other pixel artists and draw inspiration from their techniques, styles, and compositions. Analyze what makes their artwork successful and incorporate similar elements into your creations.
  • Challenges and Prompts: Participate in pixel art challenges and prompts offered by online communities and websites. These challenges can provide a fun and creative way to generate new ideas and push your artistic boundaries.
  • Tutorials and Resources: Explore online tutorials, courses, and resources dedicated to pixel art. Learn new techniques, tips, and tricks from experienced artists to expand your repertoire and inspire your creativity.

Ultimately, the best source of inspiration for pixel art ideas is your imagination. Let your creativity run wild and explore endless possibilities to create truly unique and original pixel art.


To sum up, pixel art offers a fun and accessible medium for beginners to express their creativity and artistic vision. By following the tips outlined in this article and drawing inspiration from various sources, you can create eye-catching pixel art that captivates and inspires others. 

So grab your digital canvas and start pixelating!

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