Upcoming Prints & Graphics 2021

Prints & Graphics 2021

Upcoming Prints & Graphics 2021

As we all know prints, patterns and illustrations play an imperative role in graphic design. In upcoming prints & graphics 2021 trends, Graphic Designers are focusing on attractive prints and catchy patterns.

This lockdown period has inspired us to try a range of creative hobbies and activities. It has given different ways to knock opportunities around co-designing.

Here we are going to discuss different vectors, patterns & motifs that can be used for the upcoming graphic design.


Sunflowers are quite an in-trend as it symbolizes happiness, optimism and loyalty. It adds a gorgeous touch to summer celebrations. And when we use these in the right way, the sunflower’s sunny stem’s warm and playful color makes a stunning accent shade or a bold solo hue.

Sunflowers are the ultimate source of joy and good fortune for 2021. After spending a lot of time inside, people are looking forward to natural happiness during these uncertain times.

It has been used for a very long time in the packaging of sunflower oil in a traditional way, now it has taken a turn into a vector, logos and illustrations Here, are some examples of it.

Prints & Graphics
Prints & Graphics 2021, Image Credit- By 99 Designs, MC Design


How miraculous is it that an ugly caterpillar turns into a beautiful moth!

Butterflies not only look pretty but also have meaning, mystery and are a metaphor representing rebirth, hope and life.

Butterflies have a short life but it’s magnificent. They are great examples of the process of spiritual transformation and make us understand that life is short. Using a butterfly as a symbol of a commercial enterprise would be suitable for graphic design.

Prints & Graphics
Prints & Graphics 2021, Image Credit- By Stafford, Folio Illustration Agency


Mushrooms are known for rapid growth and good luck. It looks very trendy and beautiful. It can be used for fabric, prints, wrapping paper, packaging, T-shirts, lampshades, etc.

As an icon, a psychedelic mushroom with text can be used on T-shirts. As a pattern mushrooms can be used for wrapping papers and stationery.

Prints & Graphics 2021
Prints & Graphics 2021, Image Credit-By Yazriltri, Ludmila Meshcheriakova, Brain Dead


When we talk about heart shape, it automatically connects us with emotions, affection and love. It also carries the sense of intellect and understanding. Everyone needs affection and care. Nothing can be as impactful as a heart to show emotions.

Heart shape plays a very important role in graphics as well. It is used in many ways in Graphics, Logos & Branding, product packaging and more.

Prints & Graphics 2021
Prints & Graphics 2021, Image Credit-By Cienpies Design, Rotred, Dachshun Design


Emojis are meant to be cute, colorful, fun and light-hearted. It conveys a broad range of emotions and feelings efficiently in a way that words sometimes cannot. Nowadays emojis are essential to communicate. These symbols help us to express our intentions which words cannot portray.

Bright colors, playful and simple, emojis evoke a less formal tone than the ‘seriousness’ of excessive text, and you can use them to replace instructions or to add fun.

Prints & Graphics
Prints & Graphics 2021, Image Credit-By Arjin, Beta Brand

Cumulus cloud

Cloud combines the symbolism of both air and water. The cloud is a symbol of your conscience. It represents your aim that is yet to be achieved. It gives you hope to get a lot of opportunities at once.

Clouds basically denote thinking skills, creativity and dreams. They are becoming popular in graphic design. Salesforce uses a cloud logo. Microsoft also uses a cloud logo for its OneDrive Service. It’s time for cumulus clouds.

Prints & Graphics
Prints & Graphics 2021, Image Credit-By Dribble, Anna Ismagilova, Bibadash

Pet Club

Pets are human’s, true companions. They are a great example of selfless love, care and loyalty. When we talk about pet club, it represents the power of work, sense, strength, emotions, trust and mystery altogether.

Using pet symbols in graphic designing builds a relationship with consumers and helps to connect with them through emotions.

Prints & Graphics
Prints & Graphics 2021, Image Credit-By Venimo, Talirina


Throughout their lifecycle, frogs have an important place in the food chain as both predators and prey. Frogs are an important source of food for a variety of animals. Frogs are the symbol of water, fertility, harmony and renewal. They play great roles in culture and fairy tales too.

Using the frog symbol in graphics makes the designs inspirational and more effective.

Prints & Graphics
Prints & Graphics 2021, Image Credit- By Butter, Sattarov Pavel

Hope this will be helpful to you.

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