Ultimate Guide of Graphic Design Trends 2021

Graphic Design Trends 2021

Ultimate Guide of Graphic Design Trends 2021

Graphic Design is a very powerful instrument for packaging your ideas and making them public. With the knowledge of current graphic design trends, we can create Logos, Book Covers, Websites, Magazines, Packages, Posters, Film Titles, Signage and other media.

Graphics Design is a new-comer in the design industry. It started appearing in the early Twentieth Century. Since the trends of graphic design have been changing, the general public is now more aware than ever before of the values and languages of design.

This year Graphic Designers will explore the bolder and more chaotic form of design.

Tripping Vision

This trend will be a mix of excessive colors, intricate abstract styling and a lot of distorted shapes basically, it’s a fusion of 60s art with the new psychedelia wave. The most exciting artist who created this style is Kiryk Drewinski below are some of his pieces.

Graphic Design Trends

Revive the Vibe

It’s a huge year for symbol revival as many graphic designers will use classic symbols and iconography to create aspirational and empowering icons and imagining that can be related to modern days, designers will also modernize symbols with icons like empowering goddesses stars and stoic lions.

Graphic Design Trends
Graphic Design Trends 2021; Image Credit-By Peratek

Motion Logos

After the very strange year 2020, most of companies have switched to a digital platform. The place with the high competition and necessity to make your own digital motion Logo has come into action, it is on its rise. There are different types of logos like flip, fold and transform. Animated logos are the most powerful tool for creative business and marketing.

Geometric Shapes

Geometry is in fashion this year also. It will pop up in different design fields from packaging to apparel, graphics to interiors. Geometry shapes and the fusion of different geometric shapes will dominate this year. These shapes evoke emotions, moods, movement and it symbolizes ideas. Many brands this year will be reverting back to geometric patterns and shapes used with retro.

Graphic Design Trends
Graphic Design Trends 2021; Image Credit-By Normform, Multigon, Primsky

3D Designs

This year will be filled with 3D graphics, illustrations, and logos. It is not exactly a very new trend but as time passes by it’s becoming more popular and cooler. From different applications to ads everyone is in the 3D game. Combining photographic images with illustrative elements is the hottest trend. 3D typography will play a major role in posters and ads.

Graphic Design Trends
Graphic Design Trends 2021; Image Credit: By Swissdesign, Alliwn

Retro Futurism

The main emphasis of this trend will be on bright colors, curves, grungy worn aesthetics, rounded geometry shapes, and futuristic design elements. It will range from futuristic illustrations and images to deeply scary pictures. It is possible that this trend might transport us to the future.

Graphic Design Trends
Graphic Design Trends 2021; Image Credit: By Studiostocks, Alliwn

Mood Shots

Mostly used on the website in business cards. This year, it will be shifting to other areas of design like UI, Posters, Cards, and Stationery to make it moodier and more realistic. Designers will experiment a lot with gradient and it will stay popular.

Graphic Design Trends
Graphic Design Trends 2021; Image Credit-Dribble

Marvel Marble

It will have everything to do with the background, textures and hues. Few textures and effects express the emotion of the whole design. Textures like marbling make any design imperfectly perfect.

Graphic Design Trends
Graphic Design Trends 2021; Image Credit-By Coldsun777


The multi-color swirls have become the favorite of many luxury labels as well as graphic designers. It picked up during the time of quarantine due to a lot of DIY projects at home and now we have them everywhere from packaging to masks. So, it’s a trend that is going to stay and we are going to see a lot of different tie-dye prints fused with other styles.

Graphic Design Trends
Graphic Design Trends 2021; Image Credit-Dribble

Surreal Faces

Designers are fusing the real with the surreal. A most amazing example of a surreal logo is the Apple Logo, combining apple (a fruit) with technology is a surreal approach to design. There will be a lot of seamless illusions, collages, unbelievable shapes, and dream-like proximity. The surreal approach to design covers almost all sorts of design from posters to web design, etc.

Graphic Design Trends
Graphic Design Trends 2021; Image Credit-By Mark Grenier, Didema, Mary Jirovaya

Hope this will be helpful to you.

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