What is the Simplest Form of Automation & Where is Automation Used?

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Have you recently purchased a Netflix subscription? Then you will definitely know the “AutoPay” option in Netflix’s settings. Through this, you can easily automate your monthly subscription fee. Not only this but when you open Netflix, it will suggest new movies or web shows based on your previous viewing choices. It is clear that Netflix leverages the power of AI automation to understand their user’ choices, and based on that, their algorithm suggests more relevant content. This will further increase their user engagement. This is just one side of automation; there are more paths to unfold. So don’t go anywhere. Below you will find more information about what is the simplest form of automation and where is automation used.

What is Automation in AI?

When using artificial intelligence with other tools to automate any task, this process is called automation in AI. When we talk about automation, it depicts a picture where a task is automatically performed based on set guidelines.

Perplexing? Let’s understand this with one simple example.

These days, you can easily schedule your Instagram posts using Instagram automation tools such as Iconosquare, SocialPilot, and many others. These automation tools are capable of scheduling all your Instagram posts for the upcoming days in just a few minutes. Now you’re thinking, What’s new in it? Right? So let me tell you, these tools not only have scheduling capability but also come with AI capability.

This means you can now also create your Instagram post using AI and schedule it for the upcoming future. This is the best example of automation in AI.

This is not a random process; it involves the following steps:

  • Gathered large amounts of data.
  • Use machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to build algorithms.
  • Identifying patterns using machine learning algorithms.
  • Intelligent decision-making.
  • Using previous outcomes to improve their upcoming performance.

What is the Simplest Form of Automation?

When it comes to the simplest form of automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) wins the race. RPA is an automation tool that works on a specific set of rules or instructions given by users. In short, you just need to set some instructions to execute the task.

Nowadays almost every industry incorporates RPA into their chatbots to effectively communicate with their audience. Apart from this, robotic process automation (RPA) is mainly used to execute repetitive tasks in the telecommunications, insurance, banking, or healthcare sectors.

Are AI and Automation the Same?

Automation and AI are not the same. Due to some common paths, it’s hard to distinguish between them. 

Let’s Talk About Automation First

Automation refers to the execution of tasks based on given instructions, it will lead to the same repetitive results.

For Example: Suppose you recently automated the payment of any deposit at a specific time and date. When the time comes, your payment will automatically be deducted from your account. All this happens because you automate your payments. It means you set payment instructions.

So it’s crystal clear that there is a fixed outcome in automation.

Let’s talk about AI

In artificial intelligence (AI), you can only give instructions but cannot control outcomes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is far more unpredictable. It does not generate repetitive results. Yeah, sometimes maybe, but not every time. 

ChatGPT, Bard, and many other AI tools were introduced to make business processes seamless. When you insert any instructions in ChatGPT, you get the outcome. But it cannot be 100% accurate; ChatGPT only follows instructions and generates results from its own databases.

Where Automation is used?

Almost every industry or business incorporates automation into their business operations to make them more effective and transparent. These include robotics, IT, business, manufacturing industries, healthcare, transportation and logistics, finance, and banking. 

Marketing Industries

If you’re a marketing manager, you already know how crucial automation is in managing marketing tasks. From emails to running ad campaigns, automation helps improve every marketing strategy. Apart from this, you can also use tools like AIPRM for ChatGPT to create prompts for marketing or ad campaigns.

Healthcare Industries

Many times, it’s hard for healthcare professionals to manage or schedule appointments or keep records of patients. But with the help of automation software, doctors or healthcare professionals can easily schedule appointments.

Automobile Industries

Have you heard about the famous automobile company, Tesla? It is mainly famous for its autopilot cars or trucks. It means that if you don’t know how to drive a car, you can still use your Tesla car to move anywhere. They already implemented artificial intelligence (AI) in their car-building technology. 

Data Processing Industries

Data processing industries create algorithms or software to optimize and study large datasets. Many data-processing industries use automation to process large amounts of data. It involves steps such as extracting, collecting, transforming, analyzing, and integrating. With automation, industries automate all these steps in one go and save their precious time.

Banking Industries

Handling large amounts of accounts creates a big hurdle for banks and financial companies. But with the assistance of automation, they can easily manage any task, such as account opening or closing, payment transactions, or account maintenance.

Online Customer Support and Assistance

Business is nothing without customers. Nowadays, every industry incorporates chatbots or virtual assistants to resolve customer queries. 


From transactions to managing patient records, automation is a necessity for any industry. It involves performing or scheduling any task for a specific period of time. Overall, it is very helpful in increasing efficiency and productivity.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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