The Pinnacle of Artistry: The Hardest Drawing in the World

The Pinnacle of Artistry: The Hardest Drawing in the World | BsyBeeDesign

Have you ever visited an art gallery? Whether a real situation or an imagination, it’s always hard to mold thoughts into beautiful drawings. The best way to learn to draw is to explore the hardest drawing in the world. In this latest blog post, We are going to bring some of the typical drawings that you can explore to get some ideas. Let’s dive deeper to understand “The Pinnacle of Artistry: The Hardest Drawing in the World”.

The Pinnacle of Artistr
Image Source: in.eteachers

What is the Hardest Drawing in the World?

What drawing is hard or what drawing is easy totally depends upon several factors, such as:

Artist’s Skill Level

How much experience do they have?

Number of shapes included in the drawings. For Example, if the drawing comprises many shapes and designs, it definitely took more time to draw and is considered the hardest drawing.

The Hardest Drawing in the World
Image Source: Life Drawing Academy

Vitruvian Man

Do you remember the famous drawing of the human body that depicts different proportions of the human body? This kind of drawing requires immense anatomical knowledge of the human body.

The Hardest Drawing in the World
Image Source: Wikipedia


M.C. Escher’s illusion artwork printed in 1953 was called “Relativity”  This famous artwork comprises different architectural structures where gravity is absent. This mind-bending drawing is challenging and requires an in-depth understanding of angles, shapes, and space to utilize.

M.C. Escher’s illusion artwork printed in 1953
Image Source: M.C. Escher’s – Relativity

Sistine Chapel Ceiling – Michelangelo

“Deep Intricate Artwork”. That is what you call it when you see the “Sistine Chapel Ceiling”. Michelangelo created this artwork between 1508 and 1512. 

Sistine Chapel Ceiling - Michelangelo
Image Source: Sistine Chapel Ceiling – Michelangelo

What is the 10-Drawing Challenge?

Drawing is not just creating shapes and lines; it’s more than that. Imagination and creativity are two cornerstones of a great drawing. But you still have many challenges that can block your way to becoming a great artist. Let’s unravel the top 10 drawing challenges and how to overcome them to perfect the hardest drawing in the world.

When it comes to challenges, We remember a famous quote: “Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine.”

  1. Architectural Shapes: Drawing infrastructure shapes is a very complex and challenging task. It requires immense knowledge of shapes and angles. But if you are a trained artist, you can draw it easily, like a pro. 
  2. Availability Time: Completing all your drawings within a given time frame is another challenging task. You need to master all your drawing skills. When you are unable to complete a drawing in a given time, it will lead to less work. 
  3. Create a Suitable Theme: Choosing a theme for your artwork is a very crucial task. Your theme depends on your imagination. If you want to create a nature drawing, you need to create a theme like a garden or a forest landscape.
  4. Diversification: Every day, coming up with a new drawing idea is the most challenging thing you could ever face. You need to be creative enough to create a drawing that looks unique and incredible. 
  5. Putting Expression: If you are working on human drawings, it is very challenging to show expressions with your drawings. But with the right technique, you can do this. 
  6. Facing Competition: Yeah! That’s the bitter truth. Competition is high, especially in creative fields such as drawing, etc. To come up like a bubble, you need to put in some extra hard work to sharpen your drawing skills.
  7. Coloring: Painting your drawings with the right colors is a very daunting task. But if you are using branded colors, your drawings will look awesome. 
  8. Comparison: If you’re an artist, you should prepare yourself for extreme comparisons. When you draw something and show it to your audience, they will start comparing it with other artists’ drawings. To overcome this challenge, you need to be flexible. Instead of overthinking, just start practicing. 
  9. Copyrighting Hype: If you’re an artist and have started drawing something from the internet, books, or any other source, make sure to ask permission from the owner. But if the drawings are copyright-free, you don’t need to ask permission.
  10. Showcase Your Work: Drawing is useless if it hides in a tunnel. Right? But how can you showcase it to everyone? That’s the question every artist stumbles upon. Several art galleries or museums allow newbie artists to showcase their art. Or you can put your artwork on a noticeboard.


Hard is just a myth; with the right technique and drawing skill, you can draw any design. If you are just a budding artist, you find it hard to draw big structures. But with continuous practice and unbreakable dedication, it can be possible to draw exceptional art. The above insights and challenges about the hardest drawing in the world will help you create a strategy to draw any work.

FAQs About Hardest Drawing in the World

Ques 1. Who is the king of drawing in the world?

Ans. Leonardo da Vinci is recognized as the king of drawing in the world. His famous artwork, “Mona Lisa,” is still attracting artists.

Ques 2. Which is the hardest drawing in the world?

Ans. There are many drawings that are hard to draw, such as pet portraits, facial expressions, hands, feet, automobiles, flowers, and many more.

Ques 3. Is drawing a hard talent?

Ans. It depends on your daily practice. For example, if you draw on a daily basis, you don’t find it hard. Overall, practice is the key ingredient to drawing a masterpiece.

Ques 4. Which is the hardest shape to draw?

Ans. Drawing an expression is considered one of the toughest shapes to draw. But with the help of practice, it can be drawn.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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