Color Trends you must know in 2021

Color Trends
Color Trends

Color trends are so much more than just a popular aspect. In these days and times, it defines everything, has a sub-meaning to it and also creates a huge impression. Are you someone who loves wearing red? Is black your go-to color? Does yellow make you feel better? All these statements support the significance of colors.

Your color dictionary may be limited but for this year colors are really talking and we are here to give you the dose you need for this season with our top five catches!

Color Trends you must know in 2021

Pastel Voodoo

In the recent past, more muted and subtle colors took over the globe and are becoming a part of the daily wardrobe, with nudes and baby pink, mints all taking a front seat for summer and at-home attires. Even the wedding glam is shifting from eccentric colors to more soothing ones with a little sparkle.

Color Trends
Color Trends 2021 | Image Credit: Africa Studio, Missis, Aanbetta

Getting Red-dy

For what it’s worth, we believe that red always makes it to the trends. A color with so much meaning that can be implemented in so diverse ways. Owning a red diary, a red lipstick, a red stiletto or just a red dress will give you that idea of how much power this color holds.

Color Trends 2021
Color Trends 2021 | Image Credit: iPhone, Inara Prusakova

PANTONE Color of the Year

(PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray+13-0647 Illuminating) These two colors made it to the Pantone Color of the Year 2021 and makes it to our list of the best pick! The majestic yellow combined with the coolness of grey brings out the ultimate combination that will work anywhere.

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Color Trends 2021
Color Trends 2021 | Image Credit: Pantone, Alim Yakubov

Monochromatic Affair

Noticed how wearing solids all over has become a trend even in luxury brands? Although Monochrome remains a classic, its presentation over the years has made it mention-worthy. From gym wears to all-black dress or even stationery accessories are all becoming a big statement this season.

Color Trends 2021
Color Trends 2021 | Image Credit: Eugenia Porechenskaya, Alex_Po

Earthy Tones

It took a pandemic to remind us of nature’s benefits and turns out that colors too are beneficial. The warm hue of browns, with the freshness of greens, is what we are looking for and that makes it a trend this year. These colors are what take us back to our roots and are even therapeutic on psychological levels.

Color Trends 2021
Color Trends 2021 | Image Credit: EasterBunny

Looking at the year ahead, you can always pick the ones that you know will stay with you longer. While trends tend to become Fad really soon, we do believe that this year’s trends won’t go out of style anytime soon. Instead, you can always pep it up with accent accessories or design ns to keep up the colors a long-term investment. So, match your vibe, pick a color of your choice, and design away!

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