10 Tips for Creating Creative Drawings

10 Tips for Creating Creative Drawings

Do you like drawings? Have you noticed wall drawings? These days, most brands or even governments use drawings to convey their message. 

For Example, to spread awareness, a few NGOs or environmentalists leverage drawings to make people aware of relevant concerns.

Why is that?

Because creative drawings are the most effective way to paint your imagination and convey a powerful message. However, it’s not easy to draw, as there are many challenges such as creative blocks, and lack of practice. Let’s discuss it further.

What are Creative Drawings?

Creative drawing comprises a few elements such as pencil, pastels, pen, ink, and digital drawing.

Creative Drawings

There are three main pillars of creative drawing, which are:

  1. Imagination
  2. Innovation
  3. Artistic Expression

Before starting drawing, you need to imagine, and with a little innovative and artistic technique, you can paint it in the form of a drawing.

How to Create Creative Drawings?

Here are some of the top 10 tips to create creative drawings: 

#1 Keep a Sketchbook

Do you remember your school days when you noted down every word said by your teacher in the classroom in a rough manner? The same thing applies to drawings. Always keep a handy sketchbook, and whenever any creative idea strikes your mind, just draw it in your sketchbook and work on it later to finalize it. 

#2 Draw Regularly 

Great artists are made not only because of high creativity but also because of an unbeatable habit of drawing regularly. When you start to draw regularly, you will find areas of improvement, and with regular drawing, you can correct them.

#3 Master Basic Shapes and Figures

If you have just started your drawing career, my advice as a graphic designer is to first learn to master basic shapes and figures. This will build your base. 

#4 Find Inspiration from Nature

Nature is full of creative and colorful things. A small walk in nature gives you so many ideas to draw on the board. When you start to walk in nature, you will see different colors, and patterns to note down, which will boost your imagination. 

#5 Seek Feedback

Whatever you draw, share it with your colleagues and ask them for constructive feedback and criticism. With the help of feedback, you can find correction points in your drawings, and by improving them you can become a proficient creative drawing artist.

#6 Leverage Reference Images

It’s OK to use reference images as your inspiration. However, make sure you are following expert creative drawings. Don’t rely too much on reference images; try to incorporate your creativity and imagination. 

#7 Use Combined Art Technique

Drawing is all about creativity and imagination. You can leverage two or more drawings for some inspiration and incorporate them into one drawing. For example, You can choose a theme of nature and draw some objects that affect the environment. By doing this, you can create one masterpiece drawing.

#8 Experiment with Different Techniques

If you think, drawing is all about lines and shapes, then you’re wrong. Drawing is more than that. There are so many techniques in drawings, such as blending, cross-hatching, and stippling. Apart from these, there are so many different ways, such as charcoal ink, pencil, and pastels, and these days people use their digital tab to draw their creativity. Learning each technique and medium will help you stay ahead.

#9 Stay Open to New Learnings

There are no fixed parameters to learn creative drawings, so always be open to new insights and learnings. You can watch drawing tutorials, read art books, and collaborate with other artists.

#10 Learn Proportions in Drawings

To become a good artist, you need to understand the anatomy and proportions in drawings. With the help of proportions, you can draw any typical shapes and figures. To learn more about proportions, you can watch tutorials or contact any drawing artist.

Amazing Examples of Creative Drawings

Let’s explore some examples to explore the concept of drawings:

Hyperrealistic Drawings – by Kelvin Okafor

What is so special about them? When you look at their drawing, you will be amazed as they look like real photos. The best thing about their work is that every drawing is a hyperrealistic pencil drawing that covers every facial expression such as wrinkles, or any kind of pore.


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Surrealism – by Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte

What is so special about them? These two artists are mainly famous for their surrealistic drawings. Their drawings are so deep, imagery, and unexpected that seem challenging to understand or perceive.

Creative Drawings
Salvador Dali, “The Weaning of Furniture-Nutrition,” 1934. (Collection of The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg FL)

Architectural Drawings – by Stephen Wiltshire

What is so special about them? Stephen Wiltshire is a famous cityscape and landscape drawing artist. When you look at his drawing art pieces, you will be amazed at how he captures each complex detail with proper accuracy and precision.

Creative Drawings
3D Brooklyn Bridge – Limited Edition of 25 by Stephen Wiltshire

3D Anamorphic Drawings – by Julian Beever and Edgar Muller

What is so special about them? 3D anamorphic drawings are image drawings that look like the illusion of 3D objects on a two-dimensional surface, for example, a sidewalk or a wall. These drawings look so confusing and tricking as they require an in-depth perspective to understand.

Creative Drawings
Edgar Muller | Street painting, 3d street art, 3d street painting
Creative Drawings
Pavement art – 3D illusions – Julian Beever


Creating drawings needs an in-depth analysis of creativity and imagination to express your vision. From hyperrealistic drawings to digital illustrations, drawing is one of the fastest ways to convey a message. Whether you are a budding artist or an expert professional, these on-the-go tips will improve your creative drawings.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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