How to Design Custom Cocomelon Clipart: Easy Tutorial

How to Design Custom Cocomelon Clipart: Easy Tutorial

Cocomelon is the most popular character among children. Nowadays, designers incorporate this famous character clipart into their creative design projects. From designing party invitations to branding materials for educational brands, Cocomelon Clipart is a new trending element to attract audiences. Many ecommerce websites already selling readymade clipart which you can customise as per your requirement and use in your designs. Here in this comprehensive tutorial guide, we’re going to unfold all the steps to design a custom clipart.

Cocomelon Clipart
Image Source: Etsy

What are the different types of Cocomelon Clipart?

Cocomelon clipart gained popularity because of its cute and awe-inspiring characters. They look stunning, and vibrant and are best suited best for any creative design project.

Let’s check their types and variations.

Character Clipart

This clipart comprises the Cocomelon family and their animal friends. Character clipart can be used in any creative project such as designing invitations, educational materials, or posters.

Cocomelon Clipart
Image Source: Cartoon PNG

Themed Clipart

Creating designs for any occasion or any themed season is a very daunting task. By adding these sets of themed clipart, you can make your designs more versatile.

Cocomelon Clipart
Image Source: Karachi Balloons & Decor

Backgrounds and Scenery Clipart

These clipart are the blend of Cocomelon with the world’s enchanting places. These look vibrant and stunning, enabling graphic designers to create immersive designs.

Cocomelon Clipart
Image Source: EnWallpaper

Emoticons and Expressions

These are some of the most usable Cocomelon cliparts. They can be used to show expressions during communication on social media or inserted in designs to make them more expressive.

Cocomelon Clipart
Image Source: Flickonclick

Object Clipart

This type of Cocomelon art comprises objects or elements such as hats, watermelons, or musical notes. By infusing them in your design, you can make it more compelling.

Cocomelon Clipart
Image Source: Online Store

How to Customize Cocomelon Clipart for Personal Use?

There are several online platforms where you can easily buy Cocomelon design clipart, for example, Etsy, Pinterest, and many others.

Pre-made Cocomelon design clipart looks stunning, but they are not personalized to the user’s needs. If you want a clipart that is specifically tailored to your needs, it’s important to customize it.

The customization of clipart depends on the software you use to create it. If you are using Adobe Illustrator for creating clipart; you have to use the editing options of Illustrator. 

By the below steps, you can easily customize your clipart.

Step 1: First choose the clipart design.

Step 2: Now use editing options such as image resizing, rotation, cropping, or other advanced options to enhance the quality.

Step 3: Use color adjusting options to match the color of the clipart with the design.

Step 4: If you want to add text to your clipart, use the “text” option to add beautiful-looking text, making your design more compelling.

Step 5: If you want to add other elements to your designs, use the layering option to add objects such as shapes, lines, and other elements.

With these pivotal steps, one can easily edit and customize their Cocomelon Clipart as per their requirements.

What Software is Best for Creating Cocomelon Clipart?

So you want to create a Cocomelon design clipart but aren’t sure about the software? Here is the catch.

Many software are available through which you can easily create engaging clipart. Let’s check out both paid and free software:

FREE Softwares

  • GIMP: This is one of the best software for creating Cocomelon clipart. It is mainly known for photo editing functionality but has advanced options for creating clipart.
  • Blender: Blender is a free open-source graphic software used for creating advanced visual effects, animated films, 3D effects, motion graphics, clipart, and virtual reality (VR). It’s the best platform to create a Cocomelon design clipart.
  • Inkscape: Another vector graphic software for creating high-quality clipart and illustrations. Inkscape is free software compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

  • Adobe Illustrator: No one can assume design without Adobe; that’s the power of this software. It comes with advanced options, scalability, and precision. Whether it’s a simple illustration or clipart, Adobe Illustrator is the one-stop solution for all graphic needs.
  • Autodesk Maya: A 3D computer animation software, that comes with powerful advanced options for creating animations, clipart, and 3D models.

The Impact of Cocomelon Clipart on Visual Design

Designers always need inspiration that they can incorporate into their designs, and make them visually appealing. Cocomelon clipart is a great source of design inspiration. With the use of Cocomelon design clipart, designers can create impactful designs. Let’s understand more about the impacts of clipart on visual designs.

  • Boosting Engagement: When you insert coco melon clipart in your designs, it will look so captivating, which further boosts engagement. From creating stunning presentations to printable educational materials, by inserting a cocomelon clipart, you can easily capture children’s attention.
  • Enhance Marketing: Companies are always in search of audiences to sell their products or services. However, due to huge competition, they need help to thrive in the market. By leveraging Cocomelon clipart, companies can enhance their marketing efforts to attract audiences.

For Example: Let’s say you’re working for any EdTech Company, and your role is to create a design for educational materials to attract students.

That’s where coco melon clipart can be helpful. When you insert this clipart in your educational designs, it will make your design more relevant and appealing to the students. 

  • Enhance Communication: Cocomelon clipart can also be used to express feelings, which further enhances communication and interactions. With those cute-looking coco melon clipart designs, one can easily convey their message to their audiences.


Overall, you should have the knowledge to customize clipart designs and make them usable for your design. From creating simple art designs to marketing design materials, this Cocomelon clipart is the best way to connect with your audiences. So try some coco melon art in your design to make it more fascinating.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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