What is Graphic Design?


If you are thinking to move your career into graphic design, this article will help you to gain an understanding of the basic requirements and what graphic design stands for in today’s world.

There are many definitions of graphic designing all over the internet, it is a vast industry and therefore it is important to understand it thoroughly. You have to recognize what is the basic touchpoints you will necessitate as a Graphic Designer.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design are two different words, “Graphic and Design”

Graphic stands for “Visual” and Design stands for “Expression and Impression” rather than before it is physically constructed. The aim is to solve a problem with visual communication that consists of illustrations, typography and photography. Graphic Design is used to express ideas, awareness and communicate messages between consumers and design.

What is Graphic Design

Let’s talk about Visual!

Visual is anything that’s Art or can be imagined or expressed. It involves many elements like painting, drawing, engraving and lettering giving vibrant and clear detail. Visual elements are playing a vital role in graphics. These are the most essential elements from which all designs are created. The graphics are made up of Visual Elements like Color, Space, Shape, Form, Line and Texture.

Our inspiration is the same and we have tried our best to give our brand logo an aura of those required elements.

What is Graphic Design
Graphic Design | Visual Elements
  • BsyBee logo is a beautiful amalgamation of Black and Yellow color wherein yellow is only used in the eye of the bee to grab the attention of the viewers and give it an aesthetically appealing look.
  • There is a balanced amount of Space in the logo to make its concept clear and enhance other elements of the design present.
  • The round Shape is used for the eyes.
  • The bee in the logo is in its abstract Form.
  • Different Lines are used for creating the wings of the bee in the letter B.

Let’s talk about Design!

Design is intellectual, problem-solving and practical. There are some precise rules that can be used in Graphic Design. These rules are called “Principles of Design” like Contrast, Focal Point, Balance, Emphasis, Unity and Variety.

In addition, We have also tried to use those design principles in our brand logo.

What is Graphic Design
Graphic Design | Principles of Design
  • Contrast is a very important aspect of any design. In this logo, we have used black for the entire logo and yellow for the bee’s eye, so that when you see the logo, the yellow color pops out and gives a strong and effective look.
  • We Emphasised Letter B and designed it like a Bee.
  • The Focal point in this design is the eye of the bee.
  • Complete attention to the bee’s eye is given to Balance the whole design.
  • We used a Variety of elements like color, typography, shapes, etc. It creates a more exciting and visually attractive logo that improves the user’s experience and gives Unity to the design.

Every Visual Element and Principles of Design has its own uniqueness and it has worked accordingly in your design.

Hence, you would have understood all the basic elements, how visual elements and principles of design have worked together and why both are equally important for Graphic Design then you will discover yourself and start observing them universally and getting a touch of what you like and don’t like.

In addition, Graphic Design should have these attributes:

  • It should be Simple and Aesthetically Appealing.
  • The message of the design should be Communicated Effectively.
  • The design should be Universal and Easy to Understand by everyone.

We hope this article will help you to understand Graphic Design and move ahead with your own creation.

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