Role of Information Technology in Environment and Human Health

Role of Information Technology in Environment and Human Health | BsyBeeDesign

The world is moving toward technology transformation, every field is now equipped with advanced technologies. From highly advanced satellites to precise health monitoring technologies, information technology is incorporated in every field. Scratching the internet for more information about the role of information technology in the environment and human health. in 2023? Don’t stop here! Continue to know more.

What is Information Technology?

If you come from a technical background, you are already familiar with Information Technology (IT). But if not, it’s not a problem. 

In simple terms, Information Technology is the use of electronic devices such as computers or networks to share, create, store, and secure important information or data.

Whether you’re a tech expert or a busy entrepreneur, you use information technology in your daily life.

I hope you get it clear about what exactly Information Technology is.

Positive Effect of Information Technology on Environment and Human Health

Information Technology is used in many fields, but here the main concern is the environment and human health. Let’s dig in.

Monitoring and Sensing

Sensors, satellites, analytical tools, or other IoT (Internet of Things) devices use information technology to monitor and collect all the necessary data.

IoT devices are mainly used to monitor air quality. These devices are very helpful in measuring pollution in the air. Further, this helps monitoring agencies take appropriate steps to reduce pollution.

Climate Prediction

ISRO, NASA, and other space and weather monitoring organizations are continuously developing satellites equipped with advanced information technology to collect accurate climate information such as climate changes and forecasts.

These satellites collect weather data that scientists use to determine weather conditions. This collected data is then simulated using supercomputers to predict upcoming weather patterns and forecasts. This helps us prepare for storms or environmental disasters.

Soon, NASA-ISRO will launch the NISAR satellite next year in 2024. This satellite will mainly be used to monitor the Earth’s surface, weather, wildlife, agricultural land, and climate change.

Protecting the Environment

To keep an eye on wildlife populations or monitor deforestation, conservationists use drones for monitoring. This gives them live, real-time, accurate data to monitor environmental activity. Based on this, they can make informed decisions to protect the environment.

Health Monitoring

Nowadays, the market is full of new devices like advanced smartwatches. Did you know These smartwatches have a built-in health monitoring system that helps users get a live overview of their health?

For Example, if you are watching your calorie intake, you can use these smartwatches to monitor your daily calorie intake. It also helps you create diet plans to improve your health.

It is also very helpful in disease prevention. For example. Nowadays, many healthcare professionals utilize electronic health records (EHRs) to monitor patients’ health. These EHRs help doctors or healthcare professionals easily find the symptoms, any medication history, and laboratory results.

Improve the Quality of Healthcare

Every year, many people die due to lack of proper health facilities. Sometimes it is due to a lack of availability of doctors, sometimes it is due to inadequate equipment and lack of diagnosis. But with the help of electronic devices, you can now consult a doctor anywhere via online mode. That is the biggest change we are seeing in this digital age.

Information technology brings precision to tools and devices. Now you can get your health report flawlessly.

Sustainably Designed Equipment

Global warming is a contentious issue that affects our environment and lifestyle. New technologies undoubtedly bring change, but they also destroy our environment. These information technology inbuilt devices are difficult to dispose of and affect our environment. Nowadays, scientists are working to develop devices that are repairable, very energy efficient, and easy to dispose of.


Our health and the environment we live in are crucial to us. But because new technologies are invented every day, they affect our environment and our lifestyle. We cannot stop relying on technology, but we can develop products that are easy to tow and very energy efficient. Integrating information technology is a challenge that requires highly skilled people. But we cannot ignore the role of information technology in environment and human health and its positive impact. From monitoring the environment to tracking health, information technology is changing the living world in incredible ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the concept of Information Technology?

Ans. Information Technology (IT) is all about the creation, process, and exchange the information. It involves the utilization of hardware, network, and software to process any data.

Q2. What are the features of IT?

Ans. The features of Information Technology (IT) vary with the devices. However, the common feature is computing devices to process data.

Q3. What is the role of Information Technology in environment and human health?

Ans. The role of Information Technology in the environment and human health are:

  • Monitoring and Sensing
  • Climate Prediction
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Health Monitoring
  • Improve the Quality of Healthcare
  • Sustainably Designed Equipment

Q4. What are Information Technology tools?

Ans. Information Technology (IT) tools imply digital infrastructures which comprise devices such as desktops, laptops, software applications, scanners, projectors, and other data processing devices.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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