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Have you ever imagined a day without using social media? It’s like we are totally in love with social media. 

We can’t imagine a minute or even a second without social media. But why is that?

Social media makes us feel connected and help us to explore the world in just a few clicks. That’s the power of social media.

According to the 2022 report published by  Statista, about 4.59 billion people use social media, and this number will reach 6 billion in upcoming years. Whether you want to present your idea to your team or approach a client, you can achieve anything with the help of Social Media Presentation.

In this edition, we’ll unravel all the social media basics and show you how to elevate your brands using Social Media Marketing Presentations.

What is Social Media Presentation?

Before you create beautiful and engaging social media slides, you must first understand what exactly a social media PPT or pitch deck is.

Social Media Presentation refers to the way people, brands, or organizations curate and present their identities, content, and interactions on social media platforms. 

Or you can simply say, it is a collection of visual graphics to illustrate the importance of social media marketing presentation in achieving goals. 

For Example. Suppose you run a marketing campaign and achieve a target growth of 70%. Now the question is how to show this to your potential customers. Of course, you need to create a nice pitch deck presentation to show the results. This will help your client understand typical marketing insights in a simpler format.

When it comes to personal branding or any corporate marketing, social media PPT or presentation refers to the holistic approach taken to create a particular image or message across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

This involves a blend of aesthetic consistency, engaging content, authentic interaction, and data-driven strategy to build a cohesive and compelling online persona.

How do you present a Social Media Presentation: 7-Step Approach

With our 7-Step approach, you can create captivating social media slides to engage your audience. 

Let’s explore all the steps to creating an effective social presentation.

  1. Find your objective
  2. Understand your audience and tonality
  3. Collect data and all relevant information
  4. Outlines your presentation
  5. Choose the visual design
  6. Start creating presentation
  7. Review the presentation

Find Your Objective

Everything starts with a goal. So find out the purpose for which you are creating social media marketing presentations.

Do you want to improve your online reputation or simply present your expertise to a client? Whatever the purpose, you need to clarify it before you go any further.

Understand your Audience and Tonality

  • Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur, you are nothing without your audience.
  • So first find out who your audience is, you can do this by researching your competitors, social media, and surveys. 
  • Social media presentations are used in several ways to inform the audience. So you should always maintain the tone of your presentation.
  • If you are creating a social media PPT for the business industry, you should use a business tone.
  • If you are addressing a customer, you should personalize your tone.

Collect Data and all Relevant Information

Without information or data insights, your presentation is incomplete. 

Suppose you want to present your marketing result, you need to have all the insights and results you have achieved. So collect all the necessary data you want to present on your presentation slides.

Outlines of Your Presentation

Once you understand your audience and collect all the data, you can outline your presentation.

Why is this important? Because this way, you already know what to write on the next slide. 

Choose the Visual Design

  • Visuals are a great way to present any detail in a short and crisp way. 
  • People love eye-catching visuals because they are easy to remember.
  • To create an aesthetically beautiful presentation, you need to choose visuals wisely.
  • If you are making an informational presentation, choose font-wise visuals.
  • If you are creating a presentation for marketing purposes, choose charts or diagrams as visuals.
  • Be relevant to the content and audience.

Start Creating Presentation

Now you have everything like information, design, etc. When creating a presentation, do not forget the time frame.

You can use tools like MS PowerPoint, Canva, Plannable, etc. Make sure that your presentation looks visually appealing.

Review the Presentation

Last but not least, proofread and review your presentation before sending it to your team or client. 

Best Example of Social Media Presentation

In this section, you will find some examples of how some companies leverage the power of social media PPT to establish their brand.

Hashtag Challenge – Trang Pham

This awesome-looking pitch deck was created for a client to show them useful hashtag campaigns. You can take inspiration from this pitch deck and create a new one for your business or brand. 

7 Best Logo Redesigns – BsyBeeDesign

Want to showcase your work to clients? Check out our presentation on the “7 Best Logo Redesigns”. In this presentation, we featured different logos and how they evolve over time. We use less text and more visuals to explain the logos. This way you can make your pitch deck and show your work to your client.


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The Benefit of Social Media Presentation

There are numerous benefits to creating extraordinary social media marketing presentations. 

  • Great Way to Show Data: Want to show your client the campaign report? No problem! With social media marketing presentations, you can show the results of your campaign in an attractive way. 
  • Boost Brand Visibility: When you show up daily and deliver a good presentation with great visuals, it will help you to build an impactful personal brand identity. Further, it will also help you to connect with potential clients.
  • Helpful in Pitching a Client: Pitching a client requires a strategic approach. By presenting your expertise and previous work, you can build trust with the client and convince them to work with you.

For Example, If you are a graphic designer, you can put all your great designs together on different slides and show them to the client. This way you can show your design skills.

  • Build Trust with Your Audience: Suppose you develop a marketing concept daily; it will gradually build credibility among your audience. People will see you as a marketing expert. 

End Note

So In this article, we have discussed things you need to know about Social Media Presentation. With the steps explained in the section above,  you will be able to create any social media marketing presentation.

FAQs About Social Media Presentation

Q1. What is a Social Media PPT?

Ans. In simple words, social media PPT is showcasing your work to your team or your client in an attractive way. 

Q2. How do you create a Social Media PPT?

Ans. Follow these steps to create an impressive social media PPT:

  1. Find your objective
  2. Understand your audience and tonality
  3. Collect data and all relevant information
  4. Outlines your presentation
  5. Choose the visual design
  6. Start creating presentation
  7. Review the presentation

Q3. What are the benefits of Social Media Presentations?

Ans. The benefits include,

  1. Great way to show data
  2. Boost brand visibility
  3. Helpful in pitching a client
  4. Build trust among your audiences

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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