Google Gemini AI App: 10 Amazing Secrets

Google Gemini AI App: 10 Amazing Secrets

Recently, Google introduced Gemini AI, and this groundbreaking news created a buzz across the tech communities. In the first quarter of 2023, Google introduced Bard, and this New Gemini AI update reflects the growth of the AI industry. Along with this New Google Gemini AI, Google also revealed some stat benchmarks that prove that the Google Gemini AI App generates far better results as compared to GPT AI and Microsoft’s Copilot.

Let’s unfold all the secrets of Gemini AI and find all the latest insight that makes it an amazing tool.

What is the Google Gemini AI App?

Google’s Gemini AI is an upgraded version of Bard. It comes with multimodal functionality such as creating text, video, audio, and coding. This AI is designed in such a way that it works like a human and generates information that is accurate and sounds like a human.

10 Secrets Insights of Google Gemini AI App

With so many different AI tools on the market, let’s check out what makes Google Gemini AI more amazing than others.

Enhance Bard Capabilities

If you’re using Google Bard, you already know how capable this AI tool is. Google Gemini is an advanced update of Google Bard and also enhances its capability to serve its users.

Built with Multimodal AI Capabilities

This new Google AI tool is equipped with multimodal features that help users process any typical data, such as text, images, audio, or video files. These capabilities of the Google Gemini AI App make it the most seamless AI tool.

Integrate with other Google Products

Google Gemini can integrate with all Google products, such as Ads, Search, Chrome, or other useful Google tools. This planned integration helps users leverage all Google products in full swing.

Gemini’s AlphaCode2 Features

Are you having difficulty solving problems or creating new programs? This Gemini AI comes with AlphaCode2, which helps users solve complicated programming problems. These features enhance the pace of software development.

Voice Recognition

ChatGPT doesn’t have any voice search features, but Google Gemini will have one. These new features save lots of time and help users search for what they want to search for in a hassle-free manner.

Integrate with Google Cloud

Google Gemini is not only limited to generating text; its capabilities are more than that. Integrating Google’s Gemini into Google Cloud enhances the capabilities of cloud services and makes them AI-powered. 

Bard Premium Update

Google is always known for bringing revenue-generating options. With the launch of Gemini AI, Google also announced the premium version of Bard, which is named Bard Advanced. This premium version will come in the form of Gemini Ultra. This move opens up new ways of revenue generation in the AI sector.

Pixel 8 Pro Comes With Gemini Nano

This time, Google brings Gemini Nano AI that works with the Pixel 8 Pro. This move helps mobile users respond more smartly. They can use AI for summarization and smart replies in messages; this is the biggest move towards providing mobile users with a seamless experience.

Versatile Options

Google’s Gemini AI comes in three variants: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano. These three versions are designed to perform different levels of tasks; let’s check them out.

  • Gemini Ultra: Proficient in performing highly complicated tasks.
  • Gemini Pro: Effectively used in performing several tasks.
  • Gemini Nano: This variant can effectively perform on-device tasks.

The Benchmark that Proves Google Gemini AI Outperform GPT AI

Before launching it for users, Google tested Gemini AI to check its capabilities. Let’s take a look at what the number says.

Capability Benchmark Gemini Ultra GPT
General MMLU 90.00% 86.40%
Math GSM8K 94% 92.00%
Reasoning Big-Bench Hard 83.60% 83.10%
Code HumanEval 74.40% 67.00%

These tabular data depict the capabilities of both Google Gemini AI and GPT AI. It clearly shows that Google Gemini AI is far better than GPT, not only in generating texts but also in solving typical problems in other areas. 

How to Use the Google Gemini AI App to Desire?

So you want to use Google Gemini AI. Right? Check out these steps to get access to Google Gemini AI.

Create an account on “Google Bard,” or you can sign in using your Google ID.

Now you will see the options to use Google Gemini AI after December 13. Currently, Google Bard does not have a Gemini AI option, but soon you will find it. 


In a world of artificial intelligence (AI), the Gemini AI launch will position Google one step ahead of other competitive AI tools such as ChatGPT and other AI tools. Integrating the Google Gemini AI App with other Google products will improve Google’s efficiency, allowing it to work more efficiently and productively.

FAQs About Google Gemini AI app

Ques 1. Is Google Gemini released?

Ans. Google Gemini AI has already been released on the Bard and Pixel 8 Pro. Users can experience this new AI on December 13.

Ques 2. How can I use Gemini AI?

Ans. Google Gemini AI is integrated with Google Bard AI, so there is no need to create a new account. It enhanced the capabilities of Google Bard.

Ques 3. How many versions of Google Gemini AI will launch?

Ans. Google Gemini AI will launch three versions:

  1. Gemini Ulta
  2. Gemini Pro
  3. Gemini Nano

Ques 4. Is Google Gemini better than ChatGPT?

Ans. According to many tech leaders, the Google Gemini AI app has many advanced capabilities as compared to ChatGPT and other AI tools. It is more capable of performing complex tasks with full accuracy.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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