Free Illustrations for UI Design and Web: Enhance Your Visuals

Free Illustrations for UI Design and Web: Enhance Your Visuals

Will you revisit a website if it’s hard to navigate or looks complicated? Obviously, no. What if I told you that you can make your designs 10 times better than the previous version? 

People are now bored with old-looking designs and hard-to-read texts. Great visuals not only increase website traffic but also improve user engagement. However, creating high-quality visuals requires more time, but with the help of these free illustrations for UI designs, you can save your precious hours.  Let’s check out these resources.

What are Illustrations in UI Designs?

Text, shapes, or any design element that can be used to transform your boring texts into creative designs are what we call illustrations. It’s not just a simple design; it looks like cartoons, or, you can say, close to animated designs. 

Top 7 Free Illustration Resources for UI Design

Let us look at the 7 aesthetically beautiful illustration websites for UI designs.


Canva Logo

Canva is a widely used platform for creating designs and illustrations. Canva includes many features like stickers, photos, and many others that you can use to create any design.


  • Free Version: With limited features
  • Paid Version: Advanced features like the brand kit, background removal, and much more.


Blush logo

Another best platform to create customizable illustrations. Just select the designs and illustrative elements and start combining them to create a masterpiece.


  • Free Version: The Blush Doodler plan is 100% free, and you can use it to create an infinite number of designs.
  • Paid Version: this version will cost you around $12 per month, but gives you access to 10,000 illustrative designs. Also, with the paid version, you can download your designs as SVG or PNG.


Highlights Logo

Are you looking for hand-drawn illustrations? Here you will find a variety of design elements for all kinds of illustrations you want to create, such as circles, arrows, underlines, colorful figures, and much more. With all these shape elements, you can create illustrations that represent a story that breathes life into your imagination.


  • Free Version: Limited function with the option to download in SVG format.
  • Paid Version: There is no paid version, but you can contact the team to order a custom design.


Storyset by Freepik

Created byFreepik

With over 100 customizable illustrative designs, Storyset is an amazing platform for illustrations. Here’s what makes Storyset the best illustration platform:

  • Huge collection of illustrations in different designs.
  • Customizable color options like color change, background change, layer change, etc to customize the color of the illustrations.
  • Not only static illustrations, Storyset also provides you with various animated illustrations.


Storyset is a 100% free illustration download platform. However, you must credit the creator when you publish the image or illustration.


Designed byLSTORE

Whoosh by LS Logo

Are you a cartoonist? Or are you looking for colorful illustrations for your e-commerce website? No problem This platform has a huge collection of illustrative designs to suit your e-commerce business.


  • Free Version: You have the option to download unlimited downloads in PNG format.
  • Paid Version: The paid version of Whoosh is very special and gives you access to Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch files (you don’t need attribution to use them).


Created byFlexiple

Scale by Flexiple logo

Scale is a great illustration platform that offers over 200 illustrations in a variety of colors and styles. 

  • Collection of illustrations for different business models. For example, if your business is related to baking, like cakes, etc. You can find specially created illustrations. This means you do not have to create a new illustration.
  • All illustrations are of high-quality
  • Copyright free illustrations
  • Illustration package for specific occasions


The best thing about Scale is that it is a free platform.


Craftwork logo

If you are looking for special illustration packages, Craftwork is the best solution. This illustration platform offers more than 100 ready-made illustrative theme packs.

This platform allows users to:

Use illustrations in various formats like PNG, AI, SVG, EPS, and many other formats like Figma formats.


The price of the illustrations depends on the type of illustrations you choose.

How to Use Free Illustrations Resources for UI Design

To use free illustrations, you must first sign up on each platform mentioned above. If you are looking for advanced-designed illustrative elements, purchase a paid plan. 

Why should you do that?

Because a paid version will provide you with attribution-free illustrative designs that you can use anywhere without worrying about copyright issues.

5 Ways you can incorporate Free Illustrations for UI design:

  1. To convey emotions or express any feelings.
  2. To depict a brand story.
  3. To improve brand reputation.
  4. To create designs that speak for themselves.
  5. To transform any complex information or messages into simpler forms.
Free Illustrations Resources for UI Design
Image Source: Freepik

Now I’m going to tell you the secret tip about how you can use illustrations flawlessly.

SECRET BONUS TIP: You can use beautiful illustrations to create a storyboard to depict the history of your brand and how your company has evolved over those years. This is a great way to build an impactful personal brand.


If you are a graphic designer or creative enthusiast, this compilation of free illustrations for UI design will definitely enhance your creativity level. Apart from all this, if you know of any other illustration design library, don’t forget to add it in a comment.

FAQs About Free Illustrations for UI Design

Ques 1. Why use Illustrations in UI?

Ans. Incorporating illustrations into the UI will improve the way you communicate with your users. In short, it helps your brand to represent any complex information in a simpler form.

Ques 2. Where can I get Illustrations for UI design?

Ans. Several platforms offer free illustrations which you incorporate in your UI design. Here are a few of them:

  1. Storyset
  2. Canva
  3. Scale
  4. Highlights
  5. Craftwork

Ques 3. Where can I get free UI design images?

Ans. Here are the top 5 free image websites to download high-quality images:

  1. Freepik
  2. Picjambo
  3. Kaboompics
  4. Stocksnap
  5. Negative Space

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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