Exploring the Changing Nature of Software in Software Engineering

Changing Nature of Software

Could you imagine a day without using software? From designing to managing office tasks, the software helps us to monitor and manage our daily tasks.

For example, Microsoft Office is a powerful software which you can use to manage and organize your work.

It’s all about problems for which we need software to resolve it. These days, businesses face more challenges like business operations, customer retention, etc. To address these challenges, businesses need more advanced software like an assistant. This creates challenges for software engineers as they need to understand the changing nature of software and create one that can help individuals smooth their work operations.

In the early times, when there was no computer, ancient peoples used machines, woodblock printing, hand-created artwork, or metal engraving to create designs or attractive fonts. 

But with technological advancement, now we can create designs in just a few minutes using designing software such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, or Canva. 

Did you know? Your laptop or smartphone has pre-installed software like Apple macOS or Microsoft Windows. This software instructs your computer or mobile hardware systems to run or execute application software such as Google Chrome. So, without software, you can’t run any application-based software.

So buckle up tight as we are going on a ride of software exploration.

What is meant by Changing the Nature of Software?

The changing nature of software is the evolution of software over time. 

For example, with emerging artificial intelligence (AI) trends, almost every SaaS company adds AI features to their software development. Not only this but now every company or industry needs software that has advanced security features to help them to protect their customer’s information from any kind of security breach.

Previously, Canva came up with graphic tool options, but if you recently used Canve, you will see the new AI option to create a design. 

But why are they doing this?

  • To stay aligned with the trends
  • To serve their customers better and improved versions of software
  • To stay ahead in the competition

To understand the changing nature of software, software engineers need to upskill themselves to understand the new technology trends.

Why is Software having the Nature of Changing?

Several factors are responsible for the changing nature of software. Here in this section, we will enlighten each factor and how it affects the nature of software.

  • Progressive Change in Technology
  • To Meet User Expectations
  • Improved Capabilities
  • Security Concern

Now, let’s understand this with an example.

Have you heard about the new AI graphic design website named Mid-journey (AI image generator)? This website tool is built with so many cool features that you can use to generate any image in just a few seconds. The best thing about this tool is its user-centric service, which means you can generate images as per the requirement.

This above example shows the importance of the evolution of software based on the understanding of the changing nature of software.

Understanding the Fluidity of Software Evolution

Due to more competition and cyber risks, updating software is necessary to make it more useful, secure, and customer-centric. 

Here in this section, we will shed light on 7 Computer Software Categories.

System Software

This software is designed to serve other programs. Have you heard about Apple iOS or Microsoft Windows? This software is known as system software.

Application Software

The main objective of developing application software is to create an application or program to help users. This software includes software for task management, alarms, note-downs, and gaming programs.

Examples are Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Chrome, Skype, Zoom, etc.

Engineering or Scientific Software

Engineering and scientific software are built for studying engineering or research concepts. This software helps scientists to interpret their research results. It includes software such as MATLAB, ORCAD, etc. 

Embedded Software

Software engineers develop this kind of software to control hardware systems. This software is exceptionally written for hardware processing. For example, you can find many embedded software in smartwatches, such as GPS monitoring and fitness monitoring programs; all these embedded software controls the functioning of smartwatches.

Product Line Software

These are software engineering techniques, methods, or tools to develop the same set of software systems. These software are specifically built for customers to provide them with software with unique capabilities. 

Web Applications

Have you sent an email without the Internet? Not possible. Right? All email applications, such as Yahoo or Gmail, are web applications. It means it won’t work without the Internet. Web applications are online-based applications that offer online services. It includes sending emails, online shopping, video streaming, or playing online games.

Artificial Intelligence Software

This type of software includes artificial neural networks, robotics, pattern recognition, and game-playing algorithms. This software can be used in offline mode or real-time mode.


Whether you’re a company manager or software developer, you understand the importance of the evolution of software. It represents customer requirements and how it changes over time. It creates challenges for software engineers as they need to spend hours understanding the changing nature of software and new technologies to develop software that enhances productivity and improves security.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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